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From Our Caring Team at ACT Aspire

We know that today, the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the first year of college are the very same needed for workforce entry. This means the educator’s challenge for preparing students for a rewarding future is unquestionably clear: to determine the single most effective assessment system for college and career readiness?

In response to this challenge, statesdistricts, and schools turn to ACT Aspire.

As you explore our website, you’ll learn why. You’ll clearly see that the industry-leading ACT College and Career Readiness Standards and their accompanying Benchmarks provide the guiding basis for our program. We assess five content areas with a sophisticated efficiency, specifically designed to avoid saturation testing and the unnecessary introduction of outcome error due to test fatigue.

Further, we are proud of the sheer utility of ACT Aspire’s predictive capacity. With our longitudinal scale back-mapped to the 3rd grade, we use assessment data and ACT’s deep understanding of academic readiness to project potential learner performance for the two years after each Summative assessment. This gives teachers a superior advantage in crafting truly meaningful instruction.

We say, “Know where your students are every step of the way along their path to college and career.” Now you can do just that, and design an optimal instructional experience to help assure their success.

The predictive capacity for performance on the ACT is perhaps the most compelling feature of ACT Aspire’s college readiness assessment. Ours is a connected system that capstones with the ACT, to solidly bridge the gap between high school achievement and post-graduation aspirations.

We believe that depth of experience, sophisticated and efficient assessment protocols, and successfully functioning implementations that are already operational in advance of many other systems are factors that make our assessment system unique. As you learn more, we think you’ll agree.

ACT Aspire offers more subjects, deeper research and stronger technologies. With it you can offer your students the competitive readiness advantage they deserve, whether they are planning for college or direct workforce entry.

Thank you once again for visiting with us.