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ACT Aspire Summative and Periodic Assessments are now available to order.


ACT Aspire Periodic Testing 2018-2019 Dates
Testing window: September 4, 2018 – June 28, 2019


ACT Aspire Summative 2018 Fall Testing Window Dates
Testing window: October 8, 2018- November 30, 2018
Printed Reports order deadline: March 29, 2019
ACT Aspire Summative 2019 Spring Testing Dates
Order Deadline January 31, 2019
Testing Window April 1, 2019 – May 24, 2019
Printed Reports Order Deadline September 30, 2019


Summative and Periodic

ACT Aspire® Summative assessments measure student progress toward college and career readiness as defined by the pioneering research, data, standards, and benchmarks of ACT.

  • This online assessment is designed for grades 3 – 10 (paper administration is available for an additional fee)
  • It is offered in both Fall and/or Spring
  • It is available in five subject areas; English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing.
  • Please include any known preferred test dates, subjects to be taken, and/or estimated student counts.
  • When ordering Summative assessments, the following discounts are available*:
    • Test four or more grades of students: $1.00 off
    • Test 400 to 1,000 students: $1.00 off
    • Test over 1,000 students: $2.00 off
    • Bundle Periodic to Summative order: $4.00 off** (applied to Summative)

ACT Aspire® Periodic assessments (Classroom and Interim) help measure shorter-term student progress – providing supporting data for a more targeted and responsive program of instruction.

  • Online Interim tests are designed for grades 3 – 10
  • Online Classroom quizzes are designed for grades 3 – 8
  • They can be administered throughout the year to provide immediate analysis and reporting.
  • They are available in four subject areas; English, Reading, Math, and Science.
  • Bundle with the ACT Aspire Summative assessment and receive a per student discount (see below)

If you have any questions regarding the product or placing an order please contact: or 1-855-730-0400

*ACT Aspire reserves the right to disallow a discount at any time (including after an order is placed and confirmation is sent) if it is determined the order did not earn the discount based on actual volumes of tested students.

**To receive the bundle discount, Periodic assessments must be administered within the same school year as the Summative assessments

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Purchasing as a group?

  • What is a Group Order? A ‘group order’ refers to an order in which the schools administering testing belong to a central district, diocese or charter organization; If the district, diocese or charter would prefer to collect all testing data and results within one centralized repository, but would prefer to have each school billed individually for it’s own testing, this results in a group order. In such a case, the central organization should fill out and submit a Group Information Sheet, while the individual schools should each submit an order and reference the Group Owner on the order form.
  • Group Owner: A central organization (Central district, charter, or diocese) that wishes to collect, view and analyze testing data of all associated schools. A Tenant (a user account) will be created for the Group Owner and all testing data for associated schools will be aggregated and available to view. A Group Owner should fill out the Group Information Sheet
  • Group Member: A school or organization for which all testing data will be included in the Group Owner’s Tenant. A Group Member can view their own testing data. A Group Member should fill out a standard Order form and reference the Group Owner Name on the standard Order form.
  • How do I know if I should fill out the Group Information Sheet? This form is to be filled out by a contact with the Group Owner. It is designed to collect information such as billing preferences, contact info, etc., so that orders placed by your Group Members are processed correctly.

If you have any questions regarding the product or placing an order please contact: or 1-855-730-0400

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Printed Score Reports and Score Labels

  • All reports and manuals are available online within the testing portal system. Printed reports, manuals and labels are not included within the base price for ACT Aspire Summative testing.
  • Score Reports:  Reports display information in a clean, direct manner — with both numerical and graphical representations supported by descriptive text. The full range of faculty – from novice through expert — can immediately gain actionable insights. Most reports can be printed from the online testing portal. However, you can purchase printed Individual Student Reports (ISRs) for the ACT Aspire Summative tests from ACT Aspire.
  • Score Labels: These are labels that provide a summary of the students scores in tested subjects for use by school administration. These can be purchased for summative test reports from ACT Aspire.
  • Early Orders: Early orders of printed reports and labels will be delivered a few weeks after reports are made available online via the ACT Aspire Portal. Orders placed after reports are available in the Portal are printed in batches, and delivery times will vary.
  • If you have any questions regarding these products, or placing an order please contact or 1-855-730-0400



We recommend taking advantage of one of our various training options.

  • Free Webinars : Customers have access to free webinars to help explain and self guide the setup, upload and delivery of the ACT Aspire testing portal. These are accessible within your online testing portal which you will receive access to after your order is placed.
  • Additional Trainings: ACT Aspire can facilitate special web based or on-site trainings for an additional cost. See List Here.To order additional webinars or on-site workshops please click here or for any questions please or call 1-855-730-0400.


Ordering FAQs

Q. Which solution should I choose?
A. There is specific information on both the Summative and Periodic options on our website at . Please note ACT Aspire may only sell to K-12 institutions within the United States and US Territories.

Q. Which Summative test option is best for me, online vs. paper?
A. When considering which is the best option for your school we recommend completing the Technology Readiness Survey, and reviewing the Technology Set-up, including completing a systems check. We offer our online testing through a variety options including; iPad, Chromebooks, Desktop App, and computers. (Note that Chrome and Firefox are not supported browsers. The Desktop App would have to be used if you use one of those browsers.)

Q. Do I have to test the same subjects for all grades?
A. No. When you ordering ACT Aspire your order will include all 5 subjects; English, Writing, Reading, Math, and Science. We understand you are the expert when it comes to your students, so we provide you the option of only testing certain subjects if that better meets your needs.

Q. How do I order printed reports and labels?
A. Printed reports and labels are not included in the base ACT Aspire package, but are available at a minimal additional cost on the order form.

Q. When will my printed reports and labels arrive?
A. Early orders of printed reports and labels will be delivered a few weeks after reports are made available online via the ACT Aspire Portal. Orders placed after reports are available in the Portal are printed in batches, and delivery times will vary.

Q. How soon can I test Periodic after I order?
A. If you are new to ACT Aspire you must complete the organizational template and email it to before set up can begin. Once you have received your order confirmation it can take up to two weeks for the tests to be available within the system. Periodic assessments are purchased as a subscription based product and are available for use throughout the school year.

Q. What is the current price?
A. Current pricing is available on our order form.

Q. Do I need a PO # to order?
A. No, we do not require a PO to order ACT Aspire.

Q. How will we be billed?
A. ACT Aspire will bill for the entire order upon receipt, then after testing is complete, adjustments will be based on actual tests taken. Any credit balance and/or amount due will be communicated at that time. All invoices are distributed via email to the listed billing contact.

Q. What can I expect when I place this order? What are my next steps?
A. You will receive an email to confirm your order. Additional information with set up instructions and important deadlines will be sent to you closer to your selected testing administration. ACT Aspire is available to you to walk through any of the set up steps and will reach out to ensure successful implementation. We are committed to you having a successful testing experience and provide you a direct contact to assist with any questions throughout this process.

Q. I ordered paper. When can I expect my materials?
A. In order to receive paper testing materials you must complete the appropriate set up steps. When set up deadlines are met, the personalized testing materials are generally received two weeks prior to your selected testing dates within the established Spring or Fall test administration windows.

Q. How do I switch from online-based to paper-based or vice versa? Change student count, test administration, or year? How do I add a product?
A. If you wish to make any changes to your order, please email requested changes to Please note that there is an additional per student cost for paper testing.

Q. How do I cancel?
A. Please send any change requests, including cancellations, to

For additional questions please call 1-855-730-0400