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ACT Aspire Interim Reports

On January 24, 2018, as part of the ACT® Aspire® suite of Periodic Reports, new and improved ACT Aspire Interim reports will be released. The updates are the result of requests from educators and users of the ACT Aspire Interim reports, and our desire to ensure that the reports help track progress toward college-and-career readiness.

Changes have been made at each level of reporting. Interim reports, no matter the level of report, provide actionable data that is immediately of value in discussions about strengths and areas of concern. Some of the most notable changes include:

  • Ability to view longitudinal growth over the academic year
  • New scores reported including scale scores, ACT Interim Readiness Range, National Percentile Rank for subject tests, and Progress with Text Complexity Indicator (if students take the reading test)
  • Newly developed ACT Interim Readiness Benchmarks for each subject test
  • Skill Proficiency by Student listing individual students by “Meets Benchmark” or “Below Benchmark” by reporting category, with scale score ranges provided.

To prepare for the release of the new Interim reports, review the new support and training materials and share widely with your colleagues.

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