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Migrating to ACT Aspire

ACT Explore® and ACT Plan® have been key elements to an effective system measuring student progress from grades 8–10. States and districts using these titles (or other assessment platforms) now have the opportunity to migrate to ACT Aspire – the next logical step in the evolution of Explore and Plan. ACT Aspire is an enhanced program that will expand the reach of its predecessors by now connecting a student’s growth from the elementary grades through early high school.


To make the transition experience to ACT Aspire convenient, responsive and efficient, ACT offers a dedicated informational website. Simply click through to find valuable information, timelines, point-for-point advantages, and even PDF handouts to support staff meetings.




With the following features, ACT Aspire provides insights that neither ACT Explore nor ACT Plan could provide:

  • computer-based testing
  • a new writing assessment
  • flexible, modular administration
  • new additional measures (e.g., STEM, text complexity, and work readiness)
  • online reporting

Grade Level testing

  • ACT Aspire has grade-level assessments available for grades 3–8.
  • Assessments for grades 9–10 (known as ACT Aspire Early High School) are also available.

Predictive Capacity

  • ACT Aspire Early High School (grades 9–10) provides a predicted ACT score range for each subject area and a composite score.
  • Allows 9th and 10th graders to determine if they are on target for college readiness as they prepare to take the ACT test and engage in college planning.