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Enhancements to ACT Aspire Summative Assessment (2016-2017)

Educators need a better understanding of their student’s college and career readiness to truly prepare them for their next steps.


Download Whats New: 2017 Enhancements (PDF)

That’s why ACT Aspire continues to enhance its tools and reports to provide more powerful insights into college and career readiness. These enhancements are the result of feedback from students, parents and educators.

New Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

ACT Aspire has created the (PLDs), providing a powerful outline of what students should be able to know and do at each college and career readiness benchmark, grade and subject. For more information and to see specific PLD’s by grade and subject level go to

ACT 3rd Grade Reading

Extensive Reporting Enhancements Drive Powerful Insights

  • Reporting Times Reduced for 2016 – 2017
  • New Class Roster Report, available after rollover, which informs educators of their incoming class’s previous test scores. This insight to past performance will allow for targeted instruction. ACT Summative 2017
  • Printable dynamic reports
  • The 4 page Individual Student Report (ISR) will be streamlined to 2 pages.
  • Additional time will be added to the ACT Aspire writing and math assessments.
    • Writing | Grades 3, 4, 5: now 45 minutes and Grades 6,7,8 and EHS: now 40 minutes
    • Math | Grades 6 and 7 – now 75 minutes
  • Addition of the “Exceeding” Readiness Level to the following reports:
    • Individual Student Reports (ISR)
    • Current Progress Reports
    • Subject Proficiency by Grade
    • Subject Proficiency by Demographic
    • Subject Proficiency by School and Grade
    • Proficiency Summary
  • The Skill Proficiency and Proficiency Summary reports now include Growth Indicator values for each student

Faster and Easier Ways to Manage Test Sessions

  • Functionality to create multiple test sessions by Group or Teacher
  • Students can now be added to a test session, forced closed, or comments can be added directly from the Student Profile page
  • Test Session Comments extract for both CBT and PBT is now available
  • Users with administrator and test coordinator permissions may now comment on closed test sessions
  • Organization owners can request increased security to ensure only specific users can close test sessions

Enhanced Data Management for Improved Student Diagnostics

  • Ability to delete a student from the Portal from the Student Profile.
  • Student Profile now displays longitudinal invalidation information
  • Extended user permissions with options to auto-close and reinstate student tests when approval is made
  • Student invalidation and reinstatement extracts now include information for previously transferred students.

New Alliance Focused on Maximizing Student Outcomes

  • ACT Aspire is pleased to announce our partnership with Classworks®, an online instruction and assessment solution that is proven to help K – 8 students become critical thinkers and independent learners. In the 2016-2017 school year, bridge the gap between ACT Aspire assessments and instruction with ACT Aspire and Classworks. ACT Aspire assessment data works hand in hand with Classworks suite of instruction. Using ACT Aspire’s assessment results, Classworks automatically delivers custom lessons that target the exact skills students need to get back on track. Teachers have the flexibility to customize the instructional paths for each student. To learn more about Classworks partnership go to .

Learn more about these enhancements and other exciting developments from ACT Aspire @ under the “Enhancement Demo” link.