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Experience New Portal Enhancements

The ACT Aspire Portal located at the following website,, received a refresh on April 20th. A webinar of these enhancements can be found on the Training Management System (TMS) under the “Enhancement Demo” tab. Among the many improvements released on April 20th, include the following:

Updated File Import Status

Student Data Upload and PNP Import Pages have been updated to show a more detailed status of the loaded file, enabling users to recognize if the file was successful or if errors need addressing. | Summative and Periodic

Improved Transfer Process

Submit Multiple Transfer Requests allows users to submit multiple transfer requests before being directed back to the Request History page, creating increased efficiency when entering multiple transfers. | Summative and Periodic

Enhanced Reporting

OpenEd link has been added to the Math Response/Content Analysis Report to allow educators to access additional tools for instruction. | Periodic Only

Updated the Math Category on reports and SPF from “Foundations” to “Integrating Essential Skills” to create consistent terminology with the ACT. | Summative and Periodic

Static Sort of Categories are now in place on the Skill Proficiency by Subject and Proficiency Summary Reports to provide a consistent view of the report for users, enhancing usability. | Summative and Periodic

Skill Proficiency Reports at the State and District level are now available, providing new additional reporting to these groups. | Summative Only

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