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Major New ACT Aspire Assessment Component Promises Early Insight into Learner Progress

CORALVILLE, Iowa, Sept. 16, 2014 — ACT Aspire, LLC launches Periodic Assessments, the second major component of the ACT Aspire Assessment System.

ACT Aspire is the first digital, longitudinal assessment system to fully connect student performance with readiness benchmarks from elementary grades through high school. It now extends the understanding of student progress through optional Periodic Assessments.

These are short-duration, revealing assessments that produce snapshots of achievement at intervals throughout the year. As such, they are ideal for acknowledging that learner progress is at pace for success with the Summative Assessments or for identifying areas in need of improvement.

“We know that the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the first year of college are the same needed for workforce entry,” explains Kevin Howell, CEO of ACT Aspire. “The educator’s challenge in preparing students for a rewarding future is unquestionably clear: select the single most effective assessment system for college and career readiness.”

“Our initial Summative assessment implementations began last spring with high success and user satisfaction. Now we are introducing the next logical step in focused testing. We believe that such an addition will make it easier for educators to select the best assessment solution for their learners.”

The Periodic Assessments consist of two central components: Interim and Classroom. They are fixed format, computer-based, multiple-choice assessments with immediate computer-based analysis and reporting.

There are three Interim Assessments of about 45 minutes each, for grades 3 to 10 in each content area: English, math, reading, and science. The Classroom Assessments are shorter in length for about 5 to 10 minutes with five tests available for each grade, 3 to 8, for the same content areas. They are intended for use between the Interim Assessments.

The Periodic Assessments are another valuable tool through which ACT Aspire helps ready students for the fullest measure of college and career success. They are available as a component within the ACT Aspire comprehensive system or as an independent program.

About ACT Aspire, LLC

ACT Aspire, located in Coralville, IA, is a joint venture between ACT and Pearson. It combines the assessment expertise of its founding companies with contemporary insight. As such, it is directly based on ACT’s empirical research, the nation’s leading authority in college and career readiness.