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Pelham City School Students Showing Academic Growth

Shelby County Reporter

Data recently released the state of Alabama shows that the majority Pelham City Schools students are progressing and showing the level of growth that they’re supposed to as they move from one grade to the next.

The ACT Aspire student growth percentiles data recently released to school systems tells them how many of their students are achieving high growth, average growth and low growth in the areas of math, science, reading and writing for grades 3-10.

“We’re very data-driven,” Superintendent Dr. Scott Coefield said. “A focal point for us is collecting data from students and using the information to make instructional changes as needed throughout the school year instead of waiting until the end of the year.”

Coefield said when teachers wait until the end of the school year to address a problem with a student, the necessary adjustment can’t be made to help that student.

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ACT Aspire Maximizes Student Outcomes with Performance Level Descriptors

Overview: Deidra Crain, a Pelham City School High School Educator, is using ACT Aspire’s newly launched Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) to maximize student outcomes. “The PLDs are valuable because they help me determine an entry point for instruction. In my classroom we close read and annotate the PLDs, and they help students self-identify at which level they are currently performing. I also use them for grouping, I can group students according to their current levels so I can use them to form homogenous groups or I can use them to form mixed ability groups to make sure I have a variety of exceeding, close and ready students working together.” Learn more about ACT Aspire’s Performance Level Descriptors at: