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Spring 2017 Improved Reporting Timelines

For spring 2017 users: Starting 05/08/17 ACT Aspire Summative “In-Progress” reports will start being available in the ACT Aspire Portal.

In-Progress Reporting

In-Progress reporting allows student tests to be scored as they come in. Completed tests that are received towards the beginning of the administration will be scored prior to completed tests received towards the end of the administration. This works by reporting on students’ assessments individually instead of waiting for the entire tenant to be completed with scoring. Because of this, scores are listed as “In Progress” until scoring and reporting is complete for the organization. Student reports are subject to change until scoring is considered final. It is recommended that users delay printing reports until reports are final. Due to the preliminary nature of the In-Progress Reports the results should not be used for accountability or any other decision making impacting a student, please use final reports for accountability and decision making.

Reports that will be provided prior to final reporting will be the two page Individual Student Report (ISR), Educator level reports, and the Student Performance File (SPF).

Final Reporting

Once scoring is complete the “In-Progress” watermark will be removed. After the “In-Progress” watermark no longer appears, the reports will be final and ready to print.

Download Examples of reports with the “In-Progress” watermark present (page 1) and with the watermark removed (page 2).