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Performance Level Descriptor (PLD) Videos Available!

In 2016 ACT created ACT Aspire Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) to outline the knowledge, skills, and practices that a student performing at any given level achieve in each content area at each grade level.  They indicate if the student is academically prepared to engage successfully in further studies in each content area, the next grade’s material, and eventually at the high school level to verify that they are college and career ready.

We now have two new PLD Videos available to assist your understanding of the impact the PLDs can have.

Access by:

  1. Logging into TMS @
  2. Select the “Summative” tab
  3. Scroll down and launch your video selection
  • “Using Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) to Understand Student Learning Progressions” (6 minutes)
  • “Aligning Instruction Across Grades using PLDs and the Knowledge and Skills Map” (7 minutes)

To access the downloadable printable versions of the PLD’s go to: