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Periodic Assessments. A perfect complement to ACT Aspire Summative Assessments or as an independent assessment program. Learn More.
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Explore New Exemplar Items. Educators can use ACT Aspire exemplars in several ways: Become familiar with ACT Aspire question types. See what typical questions in each reporting category look like. Help reinforce or adjust teaching and learning objectives. Learn how improvement idea statements can help students identify key skills they haven't mastered yet. Learn More.

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With more than 50 years of experience, integrity, and credibility, you can depend on ACT Aspire to handle every aspect of your statewide solution.

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Your district will benefit from ACT’s history of research and evidence-based solutions, designed to prepare students for college and career success.

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ACT Aspire helps close the gap between the skills students learn in school and the skills they need to succeed in their academic career and beyond.

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“We know that today, good jobs call for the skills and knowledge levels required for success in the first year of college. Regardless of career path, ACT Aspire can help all your learners acquire the readiness they will need for future success.”

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ACT Aspire maps learner progress from grades three through high school on a vertical scale, anchored to the scoring system of the ACT.