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ACT Aspire Live Webinar Events

Join Meredith Townley, Senior Customer Success Manager K-12, to learn how ACT Aspire can help you help you better understand where your students are on the path to college and career readiness.

ACT Aspire will be offering a series of Summative Reporting Webinars. Plan on registering for one or more of these informative sessions to learn about:

ACT Aspire Summative Reports: Current Progress, Supplemental Scores, and Proficiency Summary

Reports give educators a big-picture view of student performance on ACT Aspire. Participants can use the orientation information and the analysis guides provided to review their own data in a collaborative meeting at their school.

ACT Aspire Summative Reports: Subject and Skill Proficiency

Participants will review the information provided in these reports and how the data can be used. The Subject Proficiency reports provide an additional big-picture view of student performance across subjects, whereas the Skill Proficiency reports allow participants to dig into the data to identify implications for curriculum, instruction, and support for students. Participants will receive analysis guides to use in collaborative meetings to review their own data at their school.

ACT Aspire Summative Reports: Meaningful Data by User Role

The ACT Aspire Portal presents a wealth of information about students’ performance and their progress toward college and career readiness. This webinar provides an overview of suggested paths through the available data for district leaders, school leaders, and individual teachers.

ACT Aspire College and Career Readiness Pathway

This webinar will cover:
1. The college and career readiness pathway
2. How ACT Aspire measures college and career readiness
3. How the ACT Aspire score scale is linked to performance on the ACT test and first -year courses
4. ACT Readiness Benchmarks and different student readiness levels reported in ACT Aspire