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2015 Spring Enhancements



Download Whats New: 2015 Enhancements (PDF)

ACT Aspire staff made a personal contact with each and every direct-order customer* planning to administer the summative assessment this spring. This onboarding / welcome call has been incorporated into our standard processes for all new and renewing customers. This will provide all users of ACT Aspire an opportunity to make any necessary changes based on last minute shifts and ensure that they have all of the necessary information for a successful implementation.


Manuals have been rewritten based on customer feedback. They are now role-based for simpler access and contain key information in a more accessible and user-friendly format. We’ve also included Change Logs and version control to ensure you always have access to the most up to date information.

We’ve added a new landing page to serve as a “one stop shop” for information on ACT Aspire training and implementation. While you’re there, sign up for one of our many free training webinars by visiting our interactive calendar.


We’ve increased the number of call agents and training to answer your questions.


In addition to the current Individual Student Reports, ten summary reports will be available in printable PDF format, making it easier to provide professional-looking assessment results to educators, parents, and school board members.

  • Subject Proficiency by Grade Level (School)
  • Subject Proficiency by Demographic (School)
  • Current Progress (School)
  • Supplemental Scores (School)
  • Subject Proficiency by Grade Level (Dist & State)
  • Subject Proficiency by Demographic (Dist & State)
  • Subject Proficiency by School (Dist only)
  • Subject Proficiency by District (State only)
  • Current Progress (Dist & State)
  • Supplemental Scores (Dist & State)

The following reports will continue to be available as interactive browser-based reports:

  • Subject Proficiency by Student (Educator / Group)
  • Current Progress (Educator / Group)
  • Supplemental Scores (Educator / Group)
  • Proficiency Summary (Educator / Group)
  • Skill Proficiency (Educator / Group)
  • Skill Proficiency by Group (School)


For the spring testing window, we are adding a new reporting role for educators. This new capability will allow users with the educator role to create dynamic reports. The reports the educator will create can only include the students they are associated with. This new flexibility will allow users to more effectively balance access, stability, and security.


We’ve also implemented a number of technical enhancements to make the testing process faster and easier for you and your students. These enhancements include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing confusing characters from student passwords (O, 0, 1, I, l)
  • Sorting authorization tickets by last name, first name, and middle initial
  • Export of student authorization information
  • Ability to copy test session
  • Ability to transfer students
  • Enhanced/simplified functionality for comments, irregularities, reinstatements, invalidations, and PNP support

* If you are administering ACT Aspire via a state procurement (in Alabama, Wisconsin, or South Carolina), your onboarding process is managed in concert with the state.