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ACT Aspire Technical Manual

The new ACT Aspire Technical Manual replaces Technical Bulletin #1 and Technical Bulletin #2, and contains detailed technical information about the ACT Aspire® summative assessment. The principal purpose of the manual is to document technical characteristics of the ACT Aspire assessment in light of its intended purposes. The ACT Aspire... Read More

Commitment to ACT Aspire Excellence

In January, ACT announced the evolving structure of ACT Aspire, where ACT, Inc. will assume greater control over the ACT Aspire program, culminating in full ownership by 2019. Since its launch five years ago, ACT Aspire assessments have been delivered to students in grades 3-10 in virtually all 50 states... Read More

Working with You for Alignment

Increasingly, states are looking to use ACT Aspire assessment for accountability. While ACT Aspire consistently conducts internal alignment studies, as well as looking to independent, objective organizations (like the Fordham Study) for continued rigor ensuring alignment, it’s important to remember that states will need to secure independent alignment of their... Read More

Writing within ELA – The Strongest Measure

ACT Aspire scores in reading, math, English, science, STEM and ELA are sufficiently reliable and precise to use for accountability as an indicator of student achievement. The ELA score is a combination of the English, reading and writing test scores. This combined score offers a global view of student performance... Read More